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Adoption is an area of the law that can be as rewarding for attorneys as it is for the client. Laura J. Wyatt, P.C. is committed to helping clients build strong families through adoption.

There Are 5 Types of Adoption We Handle:

  • Private adoption
  • Foster child adoption
  • Guardianship to adoption
  • Stepchild adoption
  • Adult adoption

Laura J. Wyatt, P.C. will inform you exactly how the process unfolds and collect all the information necessary to file the appropriate legal documents. You will be kept informed every step of the way.

As a general rule, the consent of both birth parents is required, however, there are a number of exceptions to this rule. Many adoptions fall within one of the exceptions. Talk to Laura J. Wyatt, P.C. to determine whether or not your situation falls into one of the exceptions and can proceed without parental consent.

A court hearing is held to finalize the adoption. After the adoption is completed, the child's birth certificate is amended to reflect the new adoptive parent(s) as the child's legal parent(s) and the child's name may also be changed. The adoptive parent(s) becomes the child's legal parent in all respects.

Private Adoption

A private adoption takes place when a birth mother places her child, most often a newborn, for adoption. In this situation, the birth mother is often known by the adoptive parents or you may be matched with a child through an adoption agency.

Contact Laura J. Wyatt, P.C. as possible, prior to the birth of the infant. A "home study" including an extensive criminal history check is required. The adoption process takes an average of 3 to 6 months.

Foster Child Adoption

There are children available for adoption through the Indiana Department of Child Services. These children have been foster children and many adoptive parents, but not all, have been foster parents. Adoptive parents are required to attend pre-adoptive classes and, in most cases, the Department of Child Services will pay your attorney fees. There also may be long term adoption subsidies available.

Guardianship to Adoption

Today many people have taken on a parental role through a guardianship of a minor child. Under certain situations, where the birth parents have not attempted to meet their parental obligation, you may be able to adopt the minor child and become a legal parent.

Stepchild Adoption

A new spouse may want to adopt their spouse's prior born child. In this case, particular care must be taken with respect to the other birth parent. An extensive criminal history check is required but you may qualify to have the "home study" waived.

Adult Adoption

Occasionally, an adult wants to honor a person that raised them but was not their birth parent by legally becoming their "child". This does not require the consent of the birth parent.

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