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Paternity comes into play in many different areas of the law, from child support, parenting time,
to child custody. When an unmarried couple has a child just like when the parents are divorced,
steps must be taken to protect parental rights. Laura J. Wyatt, P.C. can help mothers and
fathers establish paternity under a wide range of circumstances. Whether you are seeking
support from the father of your child or you are the father seeking custody or parenting time
rights, I am prepared to work in your best interests.

Take Steps to Establish Paternity

Legally establishing paternity is in the best interests of every party involved, as it gives both the
mother and the father rights and responsibilities. If the identity of the child's father is brought into
question, it can complicate the case. We are experienced in guiding our clients through the
somewhat complex process of establishing paternity, ensuring you understand both your rights
and your responsibilities.

Reasons to Establish Paternity Include:

  • Establishing fathers rights
  • Allowing the child to claim insurance benefits or inheritances
  • Giving the mother financial help in the form of child support

When it comes to matters of paternity, there's no room to make mistakes or waste time.
Laura J.Wyatt, P.C. has the knowledge and experience required to handle even the most complex
paternity issue.

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