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Divorce Settlement & Protecting Your Rights After The Divorce

A divorce settlement resolves important child custody, property division, and other matters in
ways that reflect the circumstances of the parties at the time of the divorce. However,over time
these circumstances change. When this occurs, it may require modifications to previously
settled matters.

Laura J. Wyatt, P.C. will ensure that the rights and interests are protected for their clients. When
a modification in parenting time, child support is required, we can take action to achieve these
modifications in a timely & efficient manner. Laura J. Wyatt, P.C. will advise and represent
clients in post-divorce matters involving college education for children,

Post-Decree Modification & Enforcement Matters

In a changing economy, many people find that the divorce settlement or judgment that once
seemed reasonable is no longer working due to substantial changes that have occurred since
the judge signed the original divorce decree. Some parents have found new job opportunities in
a different town or state, while others may be facing financial strains due to the loss of a job.
Children can grow up fast, and in many cases, their needs substantially change over time.
Custody and parenting-time or visitation schedules become challenging to serve the best
interests of the children due to a variety of factors.

Protect Your Parent-Child Relationship

If you have experienced a lot of changes since your decree was issued, Laura J. Wyatt, P.C.
can help you obtain a post-judgment modification of your custody, parenting-time or child
support order in your child’s best interests.

Post-Decree Matters, which can include:

  • Child Support Modifications
  • Custody & Parenting-time Modifications
  • Child support & Custody Order Enforcement
  • Parental Relocation
  • College Education Orders

In any post-decree custody modification proceeding, the court will review the facts and
circumstances in the best interests of the child. In today’s mobile economy, relocation matters
are common. These disputes are complex. When a custodial parent proposes to move, he or
she must show that the relocation is in good faith and for a legitimate reason. The law then
places the burden on the opposing party to prove that the move would not serve the child’s best

Post-Divorce Issues -- Serving The NW Indiana Area

Post-Divorce Issues:

  • A payer of child support may experience a long period of unemployment or a disability
    that greatly affects his or her income
  • A parent’s work schedule may change and require a modification in parenting time
  • A child’s desire to go to college may require the parents to revisit their financial
  • A child may require life insurance coverage or long-term medical care
  • A child may seek to marry or enter the service, requiring his or her emancipation
  • A change in custody arrangements may affect the ability to claim a child as a dependent
    for tax purposes

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